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Career advice from 12 famous salespeople

When it comes to building a successful career, one of the essential tools is looking to others. We can gain from them advice on what steps to take—is graduate school necessary, for example, or is a lateral move a good idea to take on a different kind of skill? We can also use their behavior and coping strategies as models for our own, when difficult times or intense work periods make it hard to complete a sale or become a leader.

That’s why the lessons of famous salespeople—who have done the work and seen decades upon decades of differing markets—provide so much insight for any salesperson, no matter the product or service. What those people learned on their journey offers a way to navigate the good and the bad of becoming a stellar salesperson yourself.

So what are those tools and how can you use those insights in your own career? Read on to learn about their lessons:

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How to Follow the Greats: The Careers of Famous Salespeople

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Why you should have an “expert” book

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I recently had a chance to read a copy of Alan Stransman’s “Why Every Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur Should Have an ‘Expert’ Book” book, which provides 51 pages of expert advice on why you should write or have a book written for you. Alan gave us a few minutes of his time in the interview below.

What’s your background?
I am a former television writer, producer and director, and also taught English at both the high school and university levels. In 1999, I created, wrote, produced and directed a television series called Spectacular Spas, which was broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide. The show ran for three seasons, and subsequent to that project, I founded one of the first day spas for men in the world called The Men’s PowerSpa. I wrote a book about that venture called “Don’t Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare: A Cautionary Tale for Would-Be Entrepreneurs” which has been taught in university entrepreneurship programs. I then wrote a second book, and created a business to write, publish and market “expert” books for business professionals and memoirs for people who have a compelling personal narrative.

What is the core message you want readers to grasp?
The core message of my new book is that anyone in any business can benefit from having an “expert” book.

What advice can you give to writers who haven’t started yet?
My first advice for people who would like to have an “expert” book but have not yet written one would be to decide the format for their book. There are many ways in which an expert book can be structured and I suggest quite a few in my book. The next step is deciding who should write it.

Where can readers contact you or get a copy?
Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of the book can contact me directly at or visit and I will happily send the digital version of the book. Because my book is an “expert” book and is intended as a free gift, I am happy to send it to anyone who contacts me directly.

Having read a copy, we hope you take Alan up on his offer!

How to add a Google+ badge to your website

Anyone with a Google+ profile can now include one of two types of badges linking to their account. Follow these simple steps to get yours.

First, visit your Google+ page, and copy your account number (it’s the long string of numbers at the end of the URL). To see your account number, just click on your profile picture. Doing this will populate the numeric values associated with your Google+ account.

Open a new tab or window, and visit the Google Developers site to build your profile badge.

Once you pop in your account number, you’ll have two choices: a simple icon linking to your Google+ profile, or a more interactive badge, which also includes your name and the ability for a user to “Add to circles” right from your website.

Then, simply grab the two pieces of code (one piece shows authorship and the second displays the badge or icon) and add to your website or blog.

Once you’ve done this, verify your markup by putting in your URL on Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Don’t forget to circle me up on Google+!

Public speaking tips to boost your business

Afraid of public speaking? My unscientific research proved the fear of public speaking more common than the fears of spiders, heights, darkness and flying. Learning to speak well is a surefire way to boost your business.

First, you’ll have to promote yourself as an expert in your field. I started out speaking and presenting to small, city- and county-based lawyer Bar associations, in front of as few as 4 attorneys. My pay was prestige, and I used these early events as currency for larger, more regional opportunities, such as my recent seminar at the State Bar of Alabama’s Annual Meeting & Legal Expo.

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