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What Makes Exceptional Customer Service (infographic)

What do you think about your customer service process? Does it work well, and can your employees conquer any hiccups—big or small—that pop up along the way? Even if you feel like you have exceptional customer service, it’s important to

Where New Business Really Comes From – Whitepaper

What should you do when it comes to marketing? Read this whitepaper by my friend and associate John Lewis of Advantage Business Solutions and Bandwagon Marketing Group. If the presentation doesn’t load, you can grab it here.

Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Follow these blogging tips to make your law firm blog an effective resource for client development.

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Website Video Tips for Lawyers

No law firm can expect a user to visit YouTube and search for lawyer videos, but there are many reasons why a website video is near critical for your online client development efforts. In an earlier post about marketing during

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What’s better than a client referral?

Professional service providers win when their efforts provide immense value, and thrive when their clients refer other like-minded people who have similar needs. So what could be better than a client referral? A client testimonial! An Econsultancy article from July

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