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Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Blogging tips for lawyers

Follow these tips and you'll always have something better to say than this!

Blogging is an easy way to attract more attention to your website. Lawyers’ blogs can be extremely popular and informative if published correctly. There are several things you can do to increase your law blogs’ popularity.

Not publishing consistently is one of the most common mistakes made by bloggers. Readers want to see consistent posts. If you let too much time pass in-between posts readers may think you’ve abandoned your blog. Worse yet, if your blog is linked to your website potential customers may assume your website is also out of date, rendering all of your valuable information useless.

Another common mistake bloggers can make is lack of professionalism in posts. Readers don’t want a lawyer that can’t produce a professional blog. If you want to write about something personal or anything you’re opinionated about, keep a blog separate from your firms’. Keeping a personal blog anonymous may also be a good idea. Your legal blog should only contain objective and helpful information.

Bringing community affairs into your blog is a great way to invite locals to visit your blog. Post information related to the legal issues surrounding top news in your community and readers will be flocking to your blog to keep up to date on current affairs. Just be sure to keep it objective and stick to the facts. Don’t let your opinions or emotions override your good judgment when writing, and responding to, posts.

If readers can’t understand what you’ve written they won’t be in a big hurry to visit again. While legal terms may be second nature to you, they’ll easily leave your readers confused and stressed out. Thoroughly explaining any legal jargon and using simple terms when possible will help your readers understand the topic at hand.

Using some common sense and following these simple tips will help you to use your blog to your firms’ advantage. Thinking before you post could easily mean the difference between a few sporadic page views and hundreds of loyal, weekly readers.

What Lawyers Really Want From Consultants

salmon sandwichAt our recent sales meeting in Orlando, a panel of four attorneys described the various reasons why they chose us over other vendors. Although they all had answers specific to their unique situation, common themes surfaced. Most mentioned listening skills, such as “the consultant really listened to me.” Several acknowledged their consultant as offering custom solutions to specific business objectives. And all suggested that if we acted more like a real person, instead of a sales person, it’s a guaranteed way to build trust. It’s hard to explain what this really means, but if you sound like you’re selling discount used cars, instead of helping solve problems and achieve goals, you’re not acting like a real person.

Keys to Success
Good consultants solve problems. But great consultants understand their clients. They help them think things through vs. diving into their pitch bag and layering the attorney’s desk with brochures. They’re in it for the long haul, and don’t get discouraged or disappointed when clients don’t buy (translation: you just haven’t shown enough value yet!).

Each attorney said the key to breaking through their busy schedule is persistence. If you have a solution or idea they need to hear, schedule a 10 or 15 minute appointment. And be prepared to wait. Just don’t wait too long — this could be perceived as a hard sales pitch. Instead, reschedule. Lastly, don’t just drop off free gifts. If you have something important, which will help their business, they’ll want to hear about it, so make the appointment.

One lawyer on the panel made it very clear what he wanted from his consultant — lunch. Since we all eat lunch, at least a few times per week, who’d say no? Especially if you have something of value to bring to the table, besides picking up the check!

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