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Afraid of public speaking? My unscientific research proved the fear of public speaking more common than the fears of spiders, heights, darkness and flying. Learning to speak well is a surefire way to boost your business. First, you’ll have to …

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Your personal branding statement, formerly known as your “elevator speech,” is often the only chance you have of making an impact on someone. Here is a simple format that will help you create your own personal branding statement — and one that’s easy to memorize!

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How do you influence LinkedIn so your “Whose viewed your profile” numbers go up, and you get more connections requests, messages, and potentially job offers?

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Why is no one calling or connecting with you on LinkedIn? This article gives away two reasons why you’re not attracting more clients.

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Benjamin Franklin had the right idea when he established the Junto, or Leather Apron Club, in 1727.  Among other things, the clubs’ purpose was to exchange knowledge of business affairs.  In other words, network.  During club meetings, members were asked …

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