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Debunking the myth of overnight success

Anything that’s worth doing takes time and dedication. Meaningful relationships require thoughtful cultivation. Learning a language requires immersion and daily practice. Getting in shape requires discipline and sweat. These things don’t come to you with the snap of a finger

Vision and Self-Discipline: How to Start a Home-Based Business

It’s the dream of countless people who sit in a cubicle or office every day wondering what it would be like not to worry about getting to the office by 8 am and not having to feign enthusiasm during company

4 Ways to Reduce Stress at the Work Through Practicing Self-Care

It is estimated that 15-30% of employees will suffer mental health problems during their career and research states that stress is likely to be one of these”.  Work is the biggest source of stress for most small business owners and busy professionals.

Five Steps to Turn Your Great Idea Into a Profitable Business

Image via Unsplash Is entrepreneurship calling your name? Starting your own business is a rewarding way to earn a living, but it’s not as simple as hitting the market with a great idea. If you have a brilliant idea you

Ideas For Employee Recognition

Sales organizations use a lot of tricks to motivate their sales professionals. However, although most companies have employee recognition programs in place, too many of them are simply based on tenure. That means, even the most successful salesperson only receives