The biggest sales weekend of the year is upon is – and the monster is growing every year.

Studies show that Black Friday brick and mortar store visits dropped 7% last year, while ecommerce sales increased 23%. 

While impressive, we do have to keep these numbers in context, however, as overall Black Friday sales hit $717.5 billion in 2018, up 4.3% from the $682 billion spent in 2017. This is a monumental amount, and ecommerce actually only makes up about $6.2 billion of that number.


Negotiating is difficult in the fact that it takes confidence, patience, and grit to be successful. One other skill it takes is listening, something most negotiators forget. Once you start listening to the conversation, you’ll know how to direct it. To start negotiating like a pro, gain tactics from prosperous business people to heighten your skills and strategy. ForSaleByOwner rounded up a few of the greatest people in the negotiation business to pull insightful skills they have learned during their careers. Take it from the pros to succeed in your next negotiation.


Few phenomenons in recent years have proven to be as disruptive as startups. While something like cryptocurrency has indeed created a noticeable dent in a few industries, startups have shown to be more widespread in terms of upheaval.

So what makes them lightning in a bottle? Startups as a concept have proven to be immensely effective for several reasons, but two of them contribute the most to their growth. 

The first one is their purpose. Namely, startups strive to address pain points, i.e., problems in a certain market that many customers or clients would love to see go away. As such, successful startups will always have something relevant to bring to the table.


Anything that’s worth doing takes time and dedication. Meaningful relationships require thoughtful cultivation. Learning a language requires immersion and daily practice. Getting in shape requires discipline and sweat. These things don’t come to you with the snap of a finger — so why do so many subscribe to the myth of overnight success?


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Venture capital. It’s an exciting concept for startups and often uncharted territory. Like other businesses who’ve gone through seed stage investments and received funds from angel investors, this money has helped move your startup from ideation to early product development. Seed funding, while an important step in a startup’s life cycle, is not enough to get a business to profitability but is a way to reach the next funding milestones: Series A, B and C.

Venture capital (VC) funding has helped many startups reach booming success levels due to a jump funding. This money allows startups to expand marketing efforts and in turn reach their goals.