How to become an industry disrupter [infographic]

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These days it seems like everyone “drives” around in a different way, whether it’s by traditional means, car sharing, ridesharing, or even scootering! And while it seems like these services came out of nowhere, they’re actually termed “industry disruptors” because they force an entire industry to change, much like Uber and Lyft forced the taxi industry to change.

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What is a Customer-Centric Company?

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If you’re like many business people, you probably put a lot of time into thinking about your budget, about your company’s processes for developing its products and services, about your bottom line, about your marketing. But the thing is, if you lose sight of one very important essential, none of those other plans (or worries) for those topics will matter. 

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Do elements of vintage ads still work in modern advertising?

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Nostalgia marketing can be an effective way to reach your audience. By associating something with a longing for the past, something consumers have already grown to know and love, you can create sentimental feelings which makes people increasingly willing to invest in a product or service. To induce nostalgia into marketing campaigns, we can learn a lot from successful advertisements of the past.

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Brand Loyalty in 2019

Cultivating brand loyalty is an important factor in building a successful brand. Research has shown that customer acquisition costs as much as five times as much as customer retention, meaning that there’s a big ROI on marketing to existing customers.

But, in an era of convenience and instant gratification, just how loyal are customers to brands? And what influences that loyalty? To find out, Wikibuy surveyed 5,000 Americans on their feelings toward brand loyalty in 2019. Read on to see what they found.

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