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Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Blogging tips for lawyers

Follow these tips and you'll always have something better to say than this!

Blogging is an easy way to attract more attention to your website. Lawyers’ blogs can be extremely popular and informative if published correctly. There are several things you can do to increase your law blogs’ popularity.

Not publishing consistently is one of the most common mistakes made by bloggers. Readers want to see consistent posts. If you let too much time pass in-between posts readers may think you’ve abandoned your blog. Worse yet, if your blog is linked to your website potential customers may assume your website is also out of date, rendering all of your valuable information useless.

Another common mistake bloggers can make is lack of professionalism in posts. Readers don’t want a lawyer that can’t produce a professional blog. If you want to write about something personal or anything you’re opinionated about, keep a blog separate from your firms’. Keeping a personal blog anonymous may also be a good idea. Your legal blog should only contain objective and helpful information.

Bringing community affairs into your blog is a great way to invite locals to visit your blog. Post information related to the legal issues surrounding top news in your community and readers will be flocking to your blog to keep up to date on current affairs. Just be sure to keep it objective and stick to the facts. Don’t let your opinions or emotions override your good judgment when writing, and responding to, posts.

If readers can’t understand what you’ve written they won’t be in a big hurry to visit again. While legal terms may be second nature to you, they’ll easily leave your readers confused and stressed out. Thoroughly explaining any legal jargon and using simple terms when possible will help your readers understand the topic at hand.

Using some common sense and following these simple tips will help you to use your blog to your firms’ advantage. Thinking before you post could easily mean the difference between a few sporadic page views and hundreds of loyal, weekly readers.

Intro to Personal Branding

Personal branding can help increase your competitive edge and catapult yourself into the marketplace. Done correctly, personal branding will create a sense of individuality so that clients can differentiate easily between you and your competitors. Your goal with personal branding is to create a name for yourself that lets clients know who you are and what you stand for.

The benefits of personal branding are numerous. It can allow you to establish yourself as an expert and essentially become a celebrity in your field of expertise. As a result, you will create demand for your products and services, which will generate more sales and higher income in a shorter amount of time. Personal branding is a great way to create an awareness of your business or services.

Your public image is an important key to personal branding. Every minute that you put your face out in the world you are creating a name for yourself and your brand. As such, it’s important to be cautious what you put out for all to see. The public wants to see professionalism, authenticity, and confidence. Always be sure to project the image you want your clients to see.

Social networking is one crucial step to building your personal brand. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are great resources for connecting with potential customers. You can use them to get personal information out for the world to see, answer questions, or post updates. Better yet, many social networking sites are free to use and are a cost-effective way to promote your brand in economically-challenged times.

Creating your personal brand is about setting a definitive plan of action. You’ll need to decide what you want your brand to be and set small goals to aim for in reaching that goal. Taken in small steps, personal branding can be a great way for the world to know your name.

Interview with John Cromwell “Crom” Duad

Crom runs Cromworx Designs where he creates professional designs that uniquely express your company’s essence. With over 10 years of experience as a graphic and logo designer,  he’s an experienced pro who has proven himself in the field of computer graphic artwork by designing outstanding logos, websites and graphics, always eager to take new projects. Today, we had a chance to get a few questions answered by Crom:

What are some of your favorites websites and blogs to read?
I always go to my & other art sites, this gives me ideas when I work on graphics. For blogs, I don’t usually read many blogs but I go to and it’s affiliates.

What are your favorite social media marketing tools, and why?
I use Facebook & LinkedIn, because a lot of people go there and because I’ve met a number of clients there.

How have social media, and/or your blog, helped build your business?
Word of mouth referrals helps me build trust with my clients because when you refer or they see that I am their friends’ friend they will also trust me to do their projects. Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there.

What’s your biggest online marketing challenge?
For now I have only tried advertising in Facebook & Google ads, but I haven’t challenged myself enough with online marketing. I still don’t have much time, I think it is because I have two jobs plus am actively freelancing at home.

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