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FIND the CLIENT is passionate about helping your business achieve greater sales potential, either from your own individual contributions, or from your sales team. We help sales professionals, sales leaders and business owners achieve maximum performance with their selling efforts.

Get Talented Salespeople For Your Organization
Finding great salespeople is a challenge. People who can understand a customer within the first few minutes and overcome their pain points are few and far between. But with the right sales recruiter by your side, you can find the sales experts you need to enhance the effectiveness of your sales team and improve revenue.

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FIND the CLIENT has decades of experience interviewing and hiring salespeople. We’re able to identify not only people who are great at sales right now, but also those who will develop into accomplished salespeople in the future. By choosing FIND the CLIENT, you get an expert partner who will identify value-for-money salespeople who can take your enterprise to the next level.

We’ll source and coach the people you need who can sell your products and services.

Hit Your Sales Objectives
Want to make more sales? Then you need salespeople with both customer-facing and B2B sales skills.

With FIND the CLIENT, you can get the talent you need to hit your sales objectives. Our careful selection procedure combs through potential candidates to find people with innate talent and skill. Great salespeople boost your conversion rate, cut wage costs and improve customer satisfaction. Highly skilled salespeople supplied by us tailor their approach to your customer’s needs, effortlessly overcoming barriers to sale.

We’re looking for talented, passionate sales entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals who are serious about making more sales and improving their business.

If your compensation is based upon your performance, then we need to talk.

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Sales Recruiting – Find the people you need to increase sales and drive more sales conversations.

Sales Coaching – For many sales professionals, there comes a time when you need help taking your performance to the next level. We coach for sales success.

Social Selling – Make more connections, more referrals and more sales by engaging with your prospects directly, on their terms, positioning yourself as someone of value.

Interim Sales Management – If you have a sales leadership vacuum due to resignation, market forces or leaves of absence, we’ll temporarily lead and coach your team to sales success.