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How to become an industry disrupter [infographic]

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These days it seems like everyone “drives” around in a different way, whether it’s by traditional means, car sharing, ridesharing, or even scootering! And while it seems like these services came out of nowhere, they’re actually termed “industry disruptors” because they force an entire industry to change, much like Uber and Lyft forced the taxi industry to change.

In our infographic, we break down startups and their impact as an industry disruptor and transportation startup. We talk about how they have impacted three key industries: public transportation, taxi and limbo services, and of course, the automotive industry. (Think about Bird scooters, Car2Go, and other rideshare services for an example) And while some industries may not survive these creative periods that change how people view transportation, others turn to investing into it. For example, if you look at Toyota, they quickly adapted to the rideshare industry by investing in Uber and Grab to adapt, both of which received billions in funding overall. This is one takeaway we can grasp from these startups: learn to adapt and be flexible, and reconsider conventional wisdom to lead you to innovation!

What is a Customer-Centric Company?

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If you’re like many business people, you probably put a lot of time into thinking about your budget, about your company’s processes for developing its products and services, about your bottom line, about your marketing. But the thing is, if you lose sight of one very important essential, none of those other plans (or worries) for those topics will matter. 

               That essential, of course, is the customer. If your customers aren’t having a positive experience each and every day, then nothing you do to plan or project or think about your business on a day-to-day basis, or long term, are going matter. That then is why the plan of a customer-centric company has taken hold.

               This is a mindset, of course, but it is also about using data and feedback to continually adjust and refine how your customer experiences your company. A lot of that, of course, is influenced by technology. This graphic explains it.