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Debunking the myth of overnight success

Anything that’s worth doing takes time and dedication. Meaningful relationships require thoughtful cultivation. Learning a language requires immersion and daily practice. Getting in shape requires discipline and sweat. These things don’t come to you with the snap of a finger

Venture Capital for Startups: Series A, B and C

From our friends at Venture capital. It’s an exciting concept for startups and often uncharted territory. Like other businesses who’ve gone through seed stage investments and received funds from angel investors, this money has helped move your startup from

Tips for Starting a Post-Retirement Home-Based Business

From our friends at… Image courtesy of Pexels If you’re thinking of breaking out of retirement as an entrepreneur, you aren’t alone. As a matter of fact, some research indicates a significant surge in new businesses started by older adults. Read

Finding Success with a Brick and Click Business

For years and years people were debating how to make a brick and mortar business better. Then came eCommerce. With its nearly limitless audience reach, low startup cost, and even lower maintenance cost, it quickly became the golden child of

Pull Together the Right Data with Sales Quote Software

There are so many ways that you need to elevate your competition, not only with businesses that are the same size as you but also those that are much bigger than your company is. Take the internet, for example: People