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The original social marketing strategy?

Word of mouth referrals from friends, family and other trusted sources have always been the best possible type of inbound marketing, but they’re truly brought to light in today’s social economy. Referrals vs. traditional marketing If you market your business

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Social Media is Like Fly Fishing

Social media has been compared to many different topics, such as baseball, high school, dating — even Ironman! Today, we add a comparison to fly-fishing. Fly-fishing is deceptively complex — what looks like a guy or girl flailing arms and fishing line around is really

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Social Media & B2B : Where Should We Start?

I was recently pitching to a potential B2B client and the guys said to me that of a few marketing companies they had spoken to, we were the only one that had such a focus online. I’m certainly not some

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Social Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

In today’s world, Internet marketing seems to have taken over as mainstream. While many major companies still regularly use traditional marketing methods, the focus seems to be shifting towards online marketing. Each method has its own unique pros and cons.

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Redesigned Google Profiles

The design for Google Profiles recently changed, to reflect a more “social” approach. The new design highlight’s the information important to you, making it easier for you to enrich your public profile. According to Google, as the new layout rolls

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