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Do you have the skills of the modern marketer? [infographic]

With the incredible advances in technology, the modern marketer needs both art and science to win. [infographic]

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The original social marketing strategy?

Word of mouth referrals from friends, family and other trusted sources have always been the best possible type of inbound marketing, but they’re truly brought to light in today’s social economy. Referrals vs. traditional marketing If you market your business

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Modern Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is going through a revolution.  From the days when sales people used some form of advertising or traditional marketing methods to modern marketing strategies like online marketing, SEO and E-mail marketing.  Traditional or non-traditional, marketing is a widely used method to

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The Marketing Equation

Illustrates simple marketing mathematical principles, where small improvements in key areas results in dramatic increases to your bottom line.

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Email marketing technique or interesting mistake?

I received an email from Google the other day. It was a pitch on how to make my AdWords campaigns more effective. Normally, when Google messages, you read it. But what caught me off guard was how the message was

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