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How Important Speed Is For E-commerce Business

From our friends at HostingTribunal.com

E-commerce is booming like never before, but at the same time the competition in this niche is getting stiffer with each passing day.

With so many options available to online consumers, they are not likely to bother themselves with e-stores which don’t provide them with a great site experience.

But that’s just the thing. Many internet marketers are still not sure about what all goes into making an awesome site experience.

Is it amazing content? Visually-appealing product images? Multiple payment options?

For sure, online buyers want all of these things, but they also want something else, perhaps more badly than the rest, and it is speed.

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Do you have the skills of the modern marketer? [infographic]

With the incredible advances in technology, the modern marketer needs both art and science to win. As the infographic below shows, you’ll needs skills in writing, graphics, and social media as well as hard science skills such as analytics and performance tracking to be successful.

But having the right mix of both art and science are skills in short supply. So if you’re a traditional marketer or ad man, brush up on analytics, budgeting and operational prowess. And those of you who are happier with Excel and CRM’s like salesforce.com, think about picking up copywriting, email marketing and photography techniques.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, you’ll need all of the skills below to be successful in today’s marketing department.

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