Will gratis items make your business stand out?

free dirt
Nothing better than free dirt!
The word gratis comes from a Latin origin that once meant, “favor” or “grace.” Today the term gratis holds onto its roots as something that is free, or given as a favor. Usually used by businesses, offering gratis items or services can make a business stand out for how it values its customers and employees.

Customer Service and Gratis Gifts
Despite a company’s best efforts to provide for its customers, not every customer walks away satisfied. Whether it is a faulty product or poor service at a restaurant, offering a gratis gift can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one. By giving customers that bring complaints to management a gratis, or free, gift card or sample product shows the business values its customer base and cares about the experience that customer had with that business.

Employees and Gratis Gifts
Gratis products are often used to motivate employees, especially in retail businesses. Businesses may run contests for their employees to increase sales or improve customer service. Offering a gratis prize to the employee with the most sales or compliments from customers not only motivate, but also make the workplace more enjoyable.

At first, the idea of giving away gratis merchandise or other items may seem to cost a company money and lower its profit margin. However, keeping customers coming back and retaining employees that go above and beyond will only benefit a company. Offering gratis items or services as part of normal business practices can actually help a company become more profitable.

Critical Takeaway
Your gratis item should be something of value, or perceived value. Certainly, it’s got to be better than an offer of free dirt!

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