Tips for designing a company logo

logo collage
How many logos do you recognize?

When marketing a business, it’s essential to find a logo that best fits what the company stands for. The first thing that a potential client will see when coming across a business is their name, along with a logo. While some companies aim for flashy designs, it’s typically more effective to find a simple logo – making it easier for customers to associate it with the business.

Using the minimal amount of text and graphic makes a logo easier to identify and remember for many people. The golden arches logo, made famous by McDonald’s, is now associated everywhere with the popular fast food restaurant, while the simple checkmark for Nike is ranked as one of the most recognized symbols around the world. Using a basic color scheme, a commonly used and easy-to-read text and a simple graphic that represents the company’s mission will set it apart from the other flashy and over-done business logos. It’s also important to select a logo that will be affordable and easy to reprint for business cards and other signage. Remember, too, that fine lines and intricate fonts may not transfer well onto smaller reprints and advertisements.

When beginning to market for a company, keep in mind that a logo can completely set the tone of the business for potential clients. The hard truth is that many people judge books by their cover and will not give a company a second glance if the logo doesn’t catch their eye. Keeping the logo design uncluttered, clean and simple will make it easier to remember and more likely to turn into a business deal.

Taking the time to thoroughly think about the appearance, style and design of the company’s logo will make it much more effective at getting attention from clients. Designing a logo that is simple while still being an attention-getter is hard but if done correctly it can bring in a lot of potential business opportunities. Creating an appealing logo that closely fits what the company wants to convey will be setting a base for the business to grow with over the years.

Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit