Webinars to blame for most laptop vandalism

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I travel a lot for work, and tend to set up my “office” at bookstores, coffee shops and train stations. Since these are such transient places, I tend to people watch as well, and have noticed an alarming trend: the vast majority of sales professionals have deliberately defaced their laptop computer.

That’s right, I’m talking about the random pieces of tape that cover up or otherwise obscure the web camera situated on the lid of their laptops, in an attempt to prevent web seminar software from accidentally transmitting their image during a key conference call.

You’re guilty if you’ve got one (or more) covering up your laptop’s camera:

  • Black electrical tape. This was the stealth weapon of choice, since it’s hard to see the speck of tape unless you’re looking for it.
  • PostIt notes. Clearly those that want attention.
  • “Sign Here” flag. Obviously, this salesman needs to spend more time selling. Or stop buying needless office supplies.
  • Blue painter’s tape. Really?? Not sure where to go with this one!
Source: informal survey of my own sales team.

I’ve also observed a children’s bandage recently while sipping coffee in the 42nd St Starbucks near Grand Central Station! If this is you, email me and I’ll send a square of black electrical tape (my preferred method).

What do you have covering yours?

Photo credit by linder6580.

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1 Comment on “Webinars to blame for most laptop vandalism

  1. One reader told me she has nothing covering up her camera and should she be worried. Well, if the thought of broadcasting your face on a Monday morning conference call to your entire team or client *before* you’ve showered is of no concern, then go for it!