5 Reasons why you should outsource PPC

1. You’re not an expert.
Let’s face it — if you’re an attorney pretending to be a PPC analyst, you’re losing very valuable billable hours when trying to run your own PPC campaign.

2. You don’t know all the tricks of the trade.
Most large and specialized agencies have a direct pulse on the industry as well as knowledge of trends and other forces affecting the PPC landscape. They’re in the know on landing page design and functionality, copywriting, and keyword selection and deselection.

3. Google is only in the business of selling clicks.
If you rely on Google to manage your campaign, you’ll end up buying *a lot* of clicks. That’s not to say they don’t help with conversion, but their business model is based on selling as many clicks as your budget allows. Most business owners I know would rather focus on getting new customers, not more clicks.

4. You don’t have all the tools.
PPC managers have the best, cutting edge tools available for automated account creation, bid management and ongoing optimization.

5. It’ll cost you more to manage the campaign yourself.
I know what you’re thinking — you’ll save on the campaign management fees. But are you really saving money? A campaign that’s not optimized spends more per conversion over time. If you even get conversions!

When outsourced, and the end of the budget arrives, you’ll have accountability from your vendor for the performance of the program. On your own, you’ve probably just bought a lot of clicks!

Note: This article was first published May 30, 2012 in its entirety on the Search Engine People Blog.

Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit bfarrell.com