Stop Calling?

Hey, I just met you, and I’m on Linked In… so here’s my handle, so tweet me maybe?

I had a friend who received an email from a disgruntled client, and it got me thinking, what could he have said to get an email peppered with gems like these?

  • Please don’t call me, since it’s only for you to attempt to do damage control
  • You don’t respond to my questions and comments
  • You’re slick to outright bullying on the phone

So sales reps, what are you saying on the phone? Are you really pushing, or do you practice the gentle art of social selling instead?

Song parody, sung to the tune of “Call me maybe,” was inspired by my friend @wodnicki from his blog post and much funnier song¬†parody¬†“Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Urban Spoon” .

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