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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, get APE. It’s exactly what you need. The three sections Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur are self-explanatory and logically lay out what’s needed to write, self-publish and promote your book.

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Google+ for Business – Book Review

Book review of Chris Brogan’s “Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything”.

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Find Your Next – Book Review

Could the Business Genome ® approach help your company find it’s next competitive edge? The answer is yes, and Andrea Kates clearly lays out the reasons why in Find Your Next (McGraw Hill, 2011). Her thesis is simple: traditional management,

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This Meeting Sux – Book Review

Book review of “This Meeting Sux”, a field guide for meeting participants written by master facilitator Steve Davis.

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Enchantment Book Review

Book review of Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki. When you’ve enchanted someone, you’ve probably done something good, for both them and you.

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