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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book

ape_300x250I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Guy Kawasaki in person at an Entrepreneur magazine event a few years ago. He captivated and kept hundreds of people glued to their seats, furiously typing notes on their iPads. He just delivers great information, in every medium. Most so with his books — each containing information not found elsewhere. APE just adds to the long list.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, get APE. It’s exactly what you need. The three sections Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur are self-explanatory and logically lay out what’s needed to write, self-publish and promote your book.

I liked the section on social media the most. You can’t make it without a network, and APE cover’s Guy’s experience with social. Other helpful topics:

  • Book editing options
  • Book covers
  • Distribution options
  • Converting your manuscript for ebooks

Don’t forget to take the SPIT, or self-publishing intelligence test: http://electricpulp.com/guykawasaki/ape/

Highly recommended, and better than a head-start — APE is a complete roadmap.

Enchantment Book Review

Enchantment by Guy Kawaski

I’ve just finished re-reading a review copy of Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki. It’s his 10th book, and he’s done it again. We use enchantment (as he explains it) in our social communications to create relationships — whether with other people or with a brand.

If we want to accomplish something, whatever it may be, we’ll need to influence another person to either buy our stuff or buy in to us. It’s the process and use of enchantment that allows it to happen.

When you’ve enchanted someone, you’ve probably done something good, for both them and you. That’s what makes Enchantment such an ethical approach to influence. As Guy says, it’s the art of changing hearts, minds and emotions.

This book will make you stop and think, so I’d recommend reading it straight through once, and then again with a highlighter.

Enchant and engage more customers with social media

At this week’s Entrepreneur magazine workshop, more than 200 social-media types packed the room to hear Guy speak on social media. At the end, Guy signed every book brought to the table. What a class act!

Some of Guy’s wisdom:

  • Think mantra, not mission statement
  • For presentations, think 10/20/30 (10 slides, 20 minutes long, 30 point font)
  • With social media, engage fast, with many people, and often
  • When you help someone, and they thank you, simply respond with “I’d know you’d do the same for me”
  • For successful social media, provide value with:
    • Info (links, stories)
    • Insights
    • Assistance