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Today’s sales letters aren’t mailed and are rarely handwritten. But, they’re often repurposed as paid search landing pages for lead generation. Writing sales letters is more art than science, but if you follow the five suggestions below, you’ll achieve greater …

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AIDA is a marketing acronym and formula describing a sequence of events your sales copy or sales letters should follow for maximum success. The formula is easy to follow and remember: A – Attention. Create a headline or other element …

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In this quick copywriting tip, you’ll see how removing fluff words makes your copy stronger and more conversational. When dealing with fluff words, like my mom always said, “when in doubt, throw it out.” Get rid of the fluff and …

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There are no shortcuts to effective, compelling sales copy. The best copywriters follow these guidelines when writing marketing messages. Stick to this list and improve the response of your sales messages: Use the words “You” and “Your” generously. This makes …

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