12 Secrets To Better Sales Copy

There are no shortcuts to effective, compelling sales copy. The best copywriters follow these guidelines when writing marketing messages. Stick to this list and improve the response of your sales messages:

  • Use the words “You” and “Your” generously. This makes your copy “talk” to the reader.
  • List features and emphasize the benefits. Every reader is selfish and only thinking how your offer will solve a problem they have.
  • Write short paragraphs (2-3 sentences) of varying length. Make use of white space, bullets and subheadings.
  • Grab your reader’s attention with your opening statements. A headline like “Attention: Electricians” really singles out who you’re trying to reach.
  • It’s OK to break grammar rules. Use sentence fragments, start sentences with a conjunction and use contractions.
  • Use connector words such as “Here’s how”, “So”, “In Fact”, etc. to move the reader from paragraph to paragraph.
  • When writing sales letters, the “P.S.” and your headline are the most important elements. Devote extra time and effort to these sections, writing and rewriting until they are powerful.
  • Use the shortest words possible yet still make your point. Why write “policeman” when you can write “cop”?
  • The length of your sales copy should be just long enough to tell everything that needs to be told. Don’t follow any rules – say what you have to say in your sales letter, so long as it remains interesting to your reader.
  • Include your call to action on the first and last page of your sales letter. It should be obvious.
  • Always write conversationally, like you were talking to a friend. And read your copy out loud, you’re sure to discover areas that confuse or ramble on.
  • Copywriting is considered salesmanship in print. Write your marketing messages as one person talking to another.

Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit bfarrell.com