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If you’re thinking of breaking out of retirement as an entrepreneur, you aren’t alone. As a matter of fact, some research indicates a significant surge in new businesses started by older adults. Read on to learn how you can not only follow suit but be a smashing success.

Build Your Brand

No matter what your specialty is, as Forbes explains, building your personal brand is a must in today’s business world. Do a quick search for yourself on the internet to see what pops up, and think about how that might influence colleagues and customers. The more recognizable you are and the more positive your impression, the more likely you are to attract clientele.  

One key toward building your brand is a top-notch website. While many people try building their own using website builder apps, there are certain drawbacks in doing so. The results tend to be clunky, inflexible, and can look off-kilter on certain devices. They also tend to be pretty limited, leaving you with a product that’s uninspiring, dull, and run-of-the-mill.  

Your best bet is to hire a freelancer to create your website. This can be intimidating if computer coding and web design are beyond your comfort zone, but fear not. Thankfully, you can hire a freelancer for nearly any and all service you require these days. To find professional, well-qualified candidates, make sure you search through job boards offered by staffing companies such as Upwork, where they vet candidates in advance so you can feel comfortable that people are actually who they say they are.      

Embrace the Advantages

A website gets you off to a good start. On top of that, you will also need an appropriate workspace, and you should plan on setting up a home office that allows you to be productive and enjoy your work. Choose ergonomic furniture, set up where you have ample natural light, and ensure the space is aesthetically pleasing. And make sure you track whatever you purchase so you can take full advantage of the tax breaks you’re entitled to receive.   

Click Time explains that home-based businesses offer perks aplenty to entrepreneurs, and you should take advantage of them whenever possible. You have every opportunity to customize your environment, which can be especially helpful if you happen to have any mobility concerns. Similarly, you can flex your schedule, allowing you to keep up with your yoga class, the grandkids, or your coffee buddies to your heart’s content. Consider it an opportunity to savor retirement while still reaching your goals with your new venture.  

About Those Goals

There are several personal reasons that might be driving your decision to break out of retirement. Maybe you miss the daily grind, you want to pad your savings, or you feel you have skills going to waste. Beyond those driving forces, it’s important to sort through your aspirations relating to the business itself. Start piecing together a business plan to help you define not only those goals, but steps involved in achieving them. It’s a lot like mapping the route to a destination when you’re planning a trip — and just as important.  

Not only can a business plan help you chart your course, but it can also help you with things like getting loans, finding investors, and applying for grants

One word of caution regarding finances: In certain circumstances, there are limitations on how much you can earn while receiving Social Security benefits. Many people find it advantageous to talk through their details with a tax professional.  

Many seniors are starting their own home-based businesses these days. If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, it’s time to develop a business plan, set up a great workspace, and begin building your brand. Soon, you’ll be savoring your success!

For years and years people were debating how to make a brick and mortar business better. Then came eCommerce. With its nearly limitless audience reach, low startup cost, and even lower maintenance cost, it quickly became the golden child of retail.

But, brick and mortar businesses have begun finding new life by combining the personal touch of a physical location with the audience reach of eCommerce. How? Brick and click. 


There are so many ways that you need to elevate your competition, not only with businesses that are the same size as you but also those that are much bigger than your company is. Take the internet, for example: People reading a well-done landing page may not have any idea that your company is smaller than the big guns, especially if you put the work into optimizing it and designing something that’s beautiful and useful. Same goes for other marketing efforts such as email: Effort can help you compete with a bigger company. 


New technologies can bring a number of advantages to the workplace, which is why companies often leap at the chance to integrate them into their operations. In their rush to adapt, however, many managers forget that these advancements also carry an element of risk. By being aware of the risks and taking steps to protect against them, a company should be able to enjoy the full benefits of whatever technology it uses. For instance, cloud-based servers offer businesses flexibility and responsiveness they wouldn’t have with on-site infrastructure. They also have the potential to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency. Nevertheless, it’s important for any organization wanting to embrace the cloud to tread carefully. 


If you’re interested in launching your own business or currently run your own, then you’re aware of how expensive startup costs are for a new business. From hiring the right people to finding the perfect location and office, there’s a lot of ways you can spend all that hard-earned cash.

Since startup costs are so high for most businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners alike are always looking for a way to cut costs. Fortunately, there are tons of free tools, software and business freebies available online that make all aspects of running your business — from launching it to operating it — way more affordable. Anything from SEO and site analysis tools to logo, domain name and invoice generators can be found online.