Customer Engagement In The Digital Age

A marketing campaign cannot be successful if no one pays attention to it. Even the most expertly crafted message can fail to attract new customers if it gets lost in the noise. Unfortunately, there seems to be more noise today than ever before. Cutting through the chatter and finding a way to engage with your audience is always an essential skill, but even more so now.

Modern consumers are incessantly bombarded with information and enticements from digital media. The constant presence of connected devices can create some serious distractions that draw attention away from your efforts. However, technology also represents a tremendous opportunity for business owners and marketing professionals to increase engagement with their customers — if they utilize it properly.

Creating Stronger Connections

Social media platforms can reach millions of potential customers using minimal effort. Creating relevant posts with strong brand messages could be a powerful method to engage with people. However, there’s more to these sites than advertising. The interactive nature of social media allows you to answer questions and address any issues in real time. For small and mid-sized businesses especially, these outlets can strengthen connections because of the immediacy and convenience for users.

Another proven strategy to communicate with consumers is through the mobile app. With your own app, you can push news and offers any time of day. You can also personalize messages and deals based on each individual’s shopping habits. When done correctly, this tactic can lead to more business.

Enhancing the Experience

The first wave of virtual reality may not have lived up to its promises, but the technology has finally caught up to the expectations. For instance, augmented reality apps enable shoppers to see how a piece of furniture might look in their homes, or let a customer sit in the driver’s seat of a car without leaving his or her couch. Incorporating these features into a campaign gives you another layer of interactivity and encourages people to engage with your brand.

One of the least appealing aspects of the technological shopping experience, however, is waiting for customer service. Although they can’t replace the human element entirely, responsive AI chatbots can deliver at least some assistance while a user waits for a representative to join a chat.

It’s true that technology has created an infinite number of distractions. However, you can turn that to your advantage with some strategic marketing techniques. Check out the accompanying infographic for some interesting facts about how these technologies can drive customer engagement for your company.

Author bio: Bruce Thompson is a co-founder and Design Director at The Scylla Group, a trusted digital partner for innovative brands. He is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, brand consultant and digital strategist. Thompson has dedicated his career to helping people understand, trust and adopt technology to improve their quality of life.


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