What Are The Benefits Of An Employee Welcome Package?

The first days of working for a new company are intimidating. New hires enter an unfamiliar workplace with new coworkers and responsibilities. An employee welcome package is one way to help the new employee feel accepted and appreciated in their new role. 

The following are a few benefits business owners will notice when offering an employee welcome package. 

Immediate Employee Appreciation

An online study of over 1,700 adults showed that feeling appreciated is a key indicator of job performance. A valued employee is more likely to remain motivated, engaged, and satisfied at the workplace. 

A welcome package shows appreciation for the new employee the moment they arrive in their new position. It immediately creates feelings of support and respect that are often reciprocated.

An Introduction to Company Culture

An employee welcome package includes numerous items that help the new hire understand their new role and feel accepted as part of the team. Employers can gift products that portray the company culture so the new hire knows what to expect.

A company that wants to portray a relaxed, creative atmosphere may include a fun employee handbook, snacks, and even gift cards. You can depict a professional setting through promotional products, office supplies, business cards, and a booklet on company policies and employee benefits. 

Less Turnover

Welcome packages help reduce employee turnover in multiple ways. Employees feel directly welcomed into the workplace culture when they open the kit. They also receive the information necessary to perform their job correctly. 

A welcome package aims to help the new hire enjoy their job and become part of a lasting team. It increases company loyalty while reducing turnover. 

Superior Overall Performance

The most significant advantage of offering an employee welcome package is improved overall performance. The kit provides answers to key questions many employees have, saving time when introducing them to their new role. The information a welcome package provides increases the employee’s opportunity for success and also the company’s. 

A welcome package serves as a positive first impression for new employees. It creates a healthy and necessary connection between the company and the new hire. 

Remember to follow up with new hires a couple of weeks after they receive their package. The goal is to ensure they have all the information necessary to feel comfortable and succeed in their role. This feedback will also help your company improve its welcome kit for future employees.

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