Why you should have an “expert” book

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I recently had a chance to read a copy of Alan Stransman’s “Why Every Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur Should Have an ‘Expert’ Book” book, which provides 51 pages of expert advice on why you should write or have a book written for you. Alan gave us a few minutes of his time in the interview below.

What’s your background?
I am a former television writer, producer and director, and also taught English at both the high school and university levels. In 1999, I created, wrote, produced and directed a television series called Spectacular Spas, which was broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide. The show ran for three seasons, and subsequent to that project, I founded one of the first day spas for men in the world called The Men’s PowerSpa. I wrote a book about that venture called “Don’t Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare: A Cautionary Tale for Would-Be Entrepreneurs” which has been taught in university entrepreneurship programs. I then wrote a second book, and created a business to write, publish and market “expert” books for business professionals and memoirs for people who have a compelling personal narrative.

What is the core message you want readers to grasp?
The core message of my new book is that anyone in any business can benefit from having an “expert” book.

What advice can you give to writers who haven’t started yet?
My first advice for people who would like to have an “expert” book but have not yet written one would be to decide the format for their book. There are many ways in which an expert book can be structured and I suggest quite a few in my book. The next step is deciding who should write it.

Where can readers contact you or get a copy?
Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of the book can contact me directly at astransman@rogers.com or visit www.expertbookcreation.com and I will happily send the digital version of the book. Because my book is an “expert” book and is intended as a free gift, I am happy to send it to anyone who contacts me directly.

Having read a copy, we hope you take Alan up on his offer!


Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit bfarrell.com