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Website Video Tips for Lawyers

clapper board for moviesNo law firm can expect a user to visit YouTube and search for lawyer videos, but there are many reasons why a website video is near critical for your online client development efforts.

In an earlier post about marketing during a recession, I suggested recording short, informative movies and clips about your business. I’ll add to that by recommending you be genuine, passionate and energetic in front of the camera.

Video offers an opportunity to make you more personable and approachable, all of which influence that first client meeting.

Video Makes Your Website Sticky
Since it’s not uncommon for a website visitor to leave almost as soon as they click through to your website (just look at your Bounce Rate on Google Analytics if you don’t believe me), you immediately engage with video and keep them looking longer. So instead of viewing just one page, they’re more than likely to read on once they’ve viewed your video.

Here are some additional thoughts on using website videos to grow your practice:

  • Keep videos short. We’re used to consuming content in bite-sized chunks, so try to keep your video under 30 seconds. Of course, if yours is longer, record the most important information first.
  • When posting videos on your web pages, make sure to include content within context around the video. Consider posting a transcript as well.
  • Now that you’ve recorded one or several videos, create your own YouTube channel and upload. Also use a service like TubeMogul for distribution to several dozen video search engines. Website videos are proven to increase your exposure on search engines. And if you’re listed attorney on Lawyers.com, add your video to your profile.
  • Don’t forget a clear, call to action at the end of your video. Viewers should be invited to call or message you for further information about their particular legal needs.

And for those of you wondering where my videos are, stay tuned!

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Have you hit a client development plateau?

Watching what your competition does for client development is a basic principle for your marketing activities. It’s usually OK to borrow, copy and steal their ideas. For example, if your competition is another law firm, and they’re listed on Lawyers.com, then you better be there too. If they have a professional looking website, nice office, thoughtful logo or other impressionable, you should have the same. But, if you only borrow, copy and steal, you’ll quickly run out of ideas. At some point, you’ll reach a plateau, where you’re constantly playing catch-up. What’s worse, if you’re constantly changing gears and trying the next new shiny thing you risk forgetting what’s unique about your firm!

The solution? Stop and regroup.

Don’t worry about what your competition is doing. Instead, plan out your own client development strategies and work your plan. You’ll sleep better, and your competition will worry about you instead.

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How To Optimize Your Profile on Lawyers.com

to do listLawyers.com and other legal directories have the potential to bring a tremendous amount of traffic and leads to your law firm. Your listing on them implies credibility for your firm, and each major directory targets web searchers very early in their research process. Lawyers.com features search capabilities by both need and geography, so benefit from their built-in traffic by optimizing your profile. Follow the steps below for maximum impact:


  • List all practice areas you serve, not just the broad category. For example, if you’re a family lawyer, look at listing in categories like divorce, custody, parental rights, etc. Search results do not necessarily roll-up to the parent category, and you’ll be much more relevant to the searcher by including a practice area within your profile.
  • Add content to your profile. Lawyers.com gives you the ability to add an unlimited amount of content about your firm, for each attorney’s profile and more. Take advantage of this feature when offered.
  • List all cities where you’ll take clients. If you’re a criminal lawyer in Austin, cross-reference your profile in places like Round Rock, Cedar Park and Georgetown.
  • Photos. All lawyers in your firm should have a professional photograph as part of their biographical profile. We’re visual by nature, and photographs help to personalize your listing. They also increase your call and contact rates.
  • Add your firm logo to the overall listing. As with photographs, your firm’s logo personalizes the listing. If you don’t have a logo, take a clipping of your website header (you do have a website, don’t you?). And while you’re at it, provide as much information about your office hours, forms of payment, etc.
  • Add a tag line. And no, “attorneys at law” doesn’t count. Tag lines are displayed on Lawyers.com search results, and increase the call and contact rate. Example tag lines:
    • Former Prosecutor. Aggressive Representation.
    • Former Adjuster Who Knows How Insurance Companies Work

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to improved visibility, contact rates and client conversion!

Photo credit by Mattox.