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The Social Media Sales Revolution – Book Review

There no doubt — the future of sales is in social media. The Social Media Sales Revolution by Landy Chase & Kevin Knebl (McGraw Hill, 2011), lays out the new rules for finding customers, building relationships and closing more sales through social media and online networking.

The way we communicate with prospects and customers has changed, and your sales skills need to change if you want to stay in the game. Traditional methods, like cold calling are no longer effective — social networking sites are now your best tools to get in front of clients. The opportunities for developing relationships and selling are enormous on social media, and is based on six simple, yet fundamental, shifts the Internet has created for the future of selling in the B2B marketplace:

  • Abandon traditional marketing
  • Become a marketer first, and a seller second
  • Build your sphere of influence
  • Become a value generator
  • Build your brand for top of mind awareness
  • Work the (temporary buyer’s) window

The Social Media Sales Revolution also includes very detailed activities for you to undertake on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as chapters on Blogging and time management. The letter of inquiry process found midway through is priceless; you’ll also learn the difference between TOMA and TOMATO (and why the latter is critical to your online success).

Buy The Social Media Sales Revolution — it’s the one road map you need to generate offline sales from online marketing.

Crush It! Book Review

Crush It!

Now is the time to cash in on your passion!

This is the second time I’ve read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk since I bought it back in 2009, and I was not disappointed. There is pure passion running through his veins! The book is quick and easy to read (142 pages in hardcover), but certainly NOT thin on content and ideas. Here are a few of the ways you can win:

  • Identify your passion (are you sure you know what it is? and can you talk about it better than anyone else?)
  • Make sure you can think of at least fifty content topics to blog about
  • Name your personal brand
  • Write, comment and live your passion

It’s the wisdom and thought behind these points that make this book invaluable. Read this if you’re unhappy in your current job — if it doesn’t spark something inside you, read it again. And if you’re happy, but just need something extra to boost you to the next level, pay close attention to chapters 8, 9 (it’s only 1 word long!) and 10.

His story of success is amazing, and he truly lives by the rules: love your family, work super hard and live your passion.

Enjoy this one over and over again.