Stuck? Grab ThinkPal®, the Coach in Your Pocket.

New York, NY – The Knowledge Labs today announced the launch of eight new sets of coaching questions on ThinkPal.

– You & Your Body – How You Lead – Be Your Brand – Team Alignment – 
– Niche Networking – Time Management – Saying No – Romantic Relationships – 

ThinkPal is a smartphone app designed to teach anyone to coach themselves through life’s challenges – wherever they are. Available on iTunes and Google Play, the app was founded on the coaching principle that a question alone can move someone towards breakthroughs, commitments and action. ThinkPal has those questions. Tackling everything from personal body image and romantic relationships to better networking and leadership skills, ThinkPal also teaches accountability, just like a coach would.

“Working as a professional coach, I loved how seemingly simple questions could shake people’s perspectives and move them towards transformative change.” Says Nadia Tarazi, who conceived the idea for ThinkPal, “I wanted to find a simple way to extend coaching beyond sessions and give clients a tool for the  very moments they felt stuck. Plus, I wanted to make coaching more accessible; giving everyone techniques to help them reflect, move forward and stay on track.”  

The base app is free, additional in-app purchases are $0.99. The free app includes:

  • Questions: The user-friendly app comes with ‘Anytime’ questions to get people started. ThinkPal questions help users think about their choices and values, how the world sees them and how best to harness the skills they have.
  • Notes-To-Self: ThinkPal users can make notes in both written and audio form; giving them the opportunity to capture inspirational moments, share them with others and keep themselves accountable for the commitments they set.

Each new question set includes various types of coaching questions that encourage users to explore the topic from different angles; helping them see the big picture, identify their current position and move towards intentional action.

  1. Niche Networking: Supports users in unearthing simple changes in their routine to build new contacts and new opportunities.
  2. How You Lead: Encourages users to identify and harness their unique leadership style to inspire others and get things done.
  3. Be Your Brand: Helps users reflect on how they’re perceived and which strengths and qualities the world should see more of.
  4. You & Your Body: Helps users reconnect with what is most important to them moving towards positive alignment between mind and body. 
  5. Team Alignment: Encourages individuals to step outside themselves and see their role within an interdependent system. 
  6. Saying No: Helps users set clearer boundaries in order to define who they are and what they truly want.
  7. Time Management: Supports individuals in prioritizing everything they must do, and nothing they don’t, in order to make the most of the time they have.
  8. Romantic Relationships: Helps users assess their true feelings, identify unhelpful patterns and move them towards a future based on core values.

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The Knowledge Labs, founded by Nadia Tarazi, is a multimedia production company that specializes in creating innovative solutions to help businesses and leaders help themselves. The Knowledge Labs pioneered the production of mobile coaching tools with the launch of ThinkPal platform in 2009. Nadia has an MBA from London and Columbia Business Schools, and a CPCC, professional coaching qualification, through The Coaches Training Institute.

The Knowledge Labs is based in New York. For more information call 917-477-7372, email fiona@theknowledgelabs.comor visit Or find us on Facebook:, and on 


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