Quote-to-Cash (QTC) Basic Process

Think about your approach to your customers: Nothing you do operates in a vacuum. For example, the order fulfilling process isn’t just the salesperson’s responsibility. It starts with marketing, when a customer receives communication that leads them to set expectations about what their experience with your company will be like. It extends to the salesperson, of course, when they outline the policies and procedures. And it goes beyond to the person who actually fulfills the order to the customer service team that responds, post-order, and helps out with any questions or concerns.

That’s a holistic approach to an order, and the same holistic approach should be part of the quote process, too. When it is, that’s called the quote-to-cash process. It views the customer and their interactions and the pricing they receive as interdependent and tied together. Ready to learn more about this? This graphic helps to explain it.

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The Basics of the Quote-to-Cash Process

Via Salesforce