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Were you aware that LinkedIn now has “Company” pages for your business? Similar to Facebook pages, but I think easier to use, your company page showcases your business, services, products and more to LinkedIn’s 100+ million members.

These Company pages are different from your personal profile page. If you haven’t yet created your LinkedIn company page, simply click on Companies at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, and then Add Company:

linked in company tab

Once you’ve added your company, there are many places to add content. You can add products and services, embed a company video, post jobs and more all from this interface. If you include them, your Company overview page will also publish your Tweets and blog posts automatically.

What’s most interesting? Once you add a product or service, and then go back to Edit, LinkedIn opens up a section where you can add (and link!) your own custom banner images (three total). You could easily promote a service, special offer, or other brands within your organization. What’s better than free banner advertising on LinkedIn?

Even more, there’s also analytics on your Company page, You can see page views, clicks on images (those with links), and more.

Although a work in progress, take a look at how FIND the CLIENT’s company page looks on LinkedIn. Let me know your thoughts, tricks and tips!


Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit

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3 Comments on “LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. I have set up a company LinkedIn profile for a client with multiple products. When I go back in to ‘edit’ the products, I don’t find an option to add a banner as you said. Please advise!

    Thanks so much for the info!

  2. Kathi,

    Once you create your company page, you need to create a “Product & Service”. Once you do that, you have options to add large images (“banners” if you will) for each.