Interview with John Cromwell “Crom” Duad

Crom runs Cromworx Designs where he creates professional designs that uniquely express your company’s essence. With over 10 years of experience as a graphic and logo designer,  he’s an experienced pro who has proven himself in the field of computer graphic artwork by designing outstanding logos, websites and graphics, always eager to take new projects. Today, we had a chance to get a few questions answered by Crom:

What are some of your favorites websites and blogs to read?
I always go to my & other art sites, this gives me ideas when I work on graphics. For blogs, I don’t usually read many blogs but I go to and it’s affiliates.

What are your favorite social media marketing tools, and why?
I use Facebook & LinkedIn, because a lot of people go there and because I’ve met a number of clients there.

How have social media, and/or your blog, helped build your business?
Word of mouth referrals helps me build trust with my clients because when you refer or they see that I am their friends’ friend they will also trust me to do their projects. Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there.

What’s your biggest online marketing challenge?
For now I have only tried advertising in Facebook & Google ads, but I haven’t challenged myself enough with online marketing. I still don’t have much time, I think it is because I have two jobs plus am actively freelancing at home.

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