How to Discuss Money When Closing a Deal

In the world of sales, closing a deal means an inevitable conversation about money. The difficulty comes with the different personality types you face with every new prospect. While some leads will want to get straight to the point and only want to talk about the bottom line, others will require more explanation about the value behind the dollar signs. 

At this crucial stage in the sales process, you need to understand how to be successful in discussing money with different personalities in order to close the deal. Depending on the person, you may face some roadblocks during the all-important financial talk. Make sure you understand how to approach the question to make the other person feel confident in your knowledge about the product or service, and how your talking points will affect what the lead thinks next. 

Using the infographic below, you can discover your prospect’s personality type and how to approach the money conversation to achieve the most success and close the deal. 

How to Use Meyers-Briggs to Navigate Tough Money Conversations

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