How professional service providers can use video to promote their business

In this article we are going to tell you how video can be used by businesses to promote their services more effectively and to add value to customer experience. We will offer video solutions to three core business goals.

There is a tendency for traditional business services to overlook the benefits of new media, either because they don’t think it is relevant to them or because they are afraid of the technology. In the same way that a website has become an essential business requirement, online video is also becoming a staple item in the marketing diet.

Video is now more accessible than ever – anyone can do it. There are also plenty of reasonably priced production companies out there who can fill any gaps in expertise.

Goal 1: Building trust

Video solutions:

a) Video FAQ’s

Create online videos out of the questions you get asked by your customers most frequently. Choose someone from your team who works well on camera to present these. It is important that they come across as approachable and that they represent what you want them to about your business.

It depends on your business, but video is a great opportunity to give visual explanations. If you have found that a significant proportion of your customers are struggling with one feature of a product in particular, you can use video to offer clear guidance on how to overcome the problem.

See this great example of a set of video FAQ’s from Amaysim.

b) Customer testimonials

Customer testimonial videos showcase the positive experiences of your former customers. Having others advocate your service is far more powerful than you saying it yourself. As said pointed out in the video below, your client is your best salesperson.

These videos don’t have to have extremely high production values. You can record testimonials on a good quality smart phone.

Both video FAQ’s and customer testimonials present you as transparent to your customers, building their trust of you in the process.

Goal 2: Converting customers

Video solution: Web presenters

Screenshot 1 - Web Presenter

Web presenters are an example of innovative technology that will wow your customers and have an impact on how they interact with your website.

A strategically placed web presenter, with a well-written script, will reduce your bounce rate and increase your online conversion rate. Web presenters are an opportunity to succinctly tell your customers what they need to know and where they need to click next.

We have found that it is possible to consistently improve the number of leads that a website receives through the use of a Web presenter. However – performance is dependent on choosing the right presenter for your business; one who is credible for you and your customers. Trust will be key for professional service providers so choose a web presenter that portrays a solid trustworthy image rather than a fun and jovial one.

MWP supported Virgin Holidays to do just this. They increased their sales of Upper Class seats by 30% with a web presenter on a single page of their website. See this web presenter video in action here.

You can also see My Web Presenters for a live demonstration of a web presenter on your own website.

Goal 3: Generating awareness of your brand

Video solution: Branded online video

Online video is a great way to raise awareness of your brand online. In order for this to be successful, you need to publish videos that people actually want to watch.

Identify a gap. Think of an area where your customers seek the most advice. Create a branded video that offers information and guidance on this particular topic.

Distribute your video online via your YouTube channel and through your social media networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). You should then maximise the potential of the video to be found online by following a few simple SEO tips:

1) Include keywords in the title of your video (say exactly what it is, don’t try to be clever!) e.g. ‘How to legally change your name’.
2) Write a thorough description for your video on YouTube. Include a link to your own website.
3) Write closed captions subtitles for your video. Search engines can read this text but they can’t read the audio or images in a video.

For more detailed information about video SEO, see MWP.


Neil Davidson is the Founder of My Web Presenters, who are a leading online video production company. They work with businesses of all sizes to create and market compelling and emotive videos. They also write a web video blog with clear, practical video marketing tips.