How do you optimize a YouTube video?

camcorderOnline video is today’s fastest growing media, and from what I’ve read, we spend more time watching video clips online than we do checking email. Below are tips and ideas I’ve gathered from articles, websites and my LinkedIn network on how to optimize a website video.

Since there is common consensus that YouTube’s search algorithm includes the use of title, description, tags, number of views and ratings, it’s important to at least start out right and include the following:

  • A video title (without going overboard on keywords)
  • A relevant description of the video
  • Applicable tags
  • Listing your video in the right YouTube category

Remember, your video title is what’s clickable, so pay particular attention to how it’s worded, making it as engaging as possible. And you may be tempted to bullet list your description, but I encourage you to include complete sentences — leave the “tags” to act as your fascinations. The more information you can provide about your video, the better chances it stands of getting found.

Once you’ve created and uploaded your video to YouTube, you’re going to want it to be seen. On your own website, create a separate page for each embedded video, including relevant content and proper SEO tags on the page itself. On the video itself, include a clear call to action during and at the end of your video — such as share this, rate this, a URL, a phone number, etc.

But if you’re not adding comments or rating other videos, you’re missing an opportunity. There is belief that YouTube also takes into account links from reputable website’s who’ve embedded your video on their unique websites, as well as subscriptions to your channel from active YouTube members. Produce quality video, and expect to see greater influence.

Your own channel?
Consider creating your own YouTube channel. Every video you post increases the odds your brand or name will appear in organic searches for your important keywords. For complete information, read Mashable’s “How To Boost Your SEO with a YouTube Channel“.

Every video you post to your channel can be tagged and indexed, increasing the odds your brand name will appear in natural searches for keywords associated with your business. As Google discovers and indexes your video, you have a unique opportunity for your videos to be part of blended search results. Take a look at TechCrunch’s “How to Use Video SEO to Jump to the Top of Google Search Results” article for further thoughts.

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