Don’ts for Small Business Owners

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Entrepreneurs have high hopes when starting a business, but the fact is that 20% of small businesses don’t make it through their first year. There are many reasons for this, some of them out of your control. However, there are several common mistakes that small business owners make that can lead to serious issues.

Not everyone knows how to run a business. Online schools and courses give you the opportunity to earn an advanced business degree while running your company. These courses can teach you valuable information to help you be a better manager and grow your business.

Even after you earn a degree, there are things you should know before you jump into the world of business. Find the Client presents some important tips that business owners should follow.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes

While taking business advice from friends and family might not be the best idea, researching and avoiding common problems is beneficial. If you are aware of potential pitfalls, you can plan around them.

Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

A juggler can only handle so many balls before one falls. Small business owners only have 24 hours in a day like everyone else. Trying to run a company alone can lead to inefficiency, lack of quality in the business’s performance, and frustration, stress, fatigue, and issues with personal relationships.

Be realistic about what you can and can’t do. Look for ways to simplify your processes, including hiring employees and purchasing appropriate software. Budget your time wisely and include time for yourself.

Don’t Operate Without a Plan

A solid business plan should encompass market research and financial, sales, branding and marketing goals and strategies. Any business loan lender requires a business plan as part of the application process. Not having a plan can lead to preventable issues.

Putting your ideas and numbers down on paper — or your laptop — helps you see the overall picture and make realistic decisions and predictions about your business’s success.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Employees

Some employers aren’t as careful as they should be when choosing who to hire. Workers who aren’t proficient at their duties, steal, or are not reliable can be a waste of your money and hurt your business.

Take time to write a complete job description and find the right person for that job. Using hiring services can save time and present you with better choices. Consider providing coaching and training from Find the Client for your new hires to make them more effective employees.

Don’t Ignore Budgeting

Spending too much can be disastrous for anyone, and businesses are no exception. Cash flow dictates what you can spend, and you must be accountable to yourself when making financial decisions. Carefully plan and budget for foreseeable expenses and don’t spend more than you earn.

Don’t Forget Customer Service

No matter how wonderful your products or services are, people won’t want to deal with your company if your customer service is lacking. With so many sources available to consumers today, it’s imperative to make them feel that you appreciate their business. Happy customers are more likely to be repeat customers.

Don’t Be Disorganized

Failing to make a schedule and stick to it allows important things to slip through the cracks. While daily business needs may fluctuate, set daily goals and accomplish them. Keep up with all paperwork; know where it is and promptly deal with it.

You Can Be Successful

Knowing what to expect can help you plan for your new business’s future. Try to avoid these common mistakes and create a better path for your business’s success.

Brian Farrell is a coach, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He's also the creator of the "QA2 Method". For more about Brian, visit