Read this before spending money on marketing!

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Ten years ago, our founder embarked on a journey to use the Internet for business marketing. Along the way, he spent millions of dollars on pay-per-click (PPC) search engines to generate leads; he positioned and sold several different types of website products; and became a subject matter expert for his outside sales force on search engine optimization (SEO), paid marketing and directory listings.

The dirty little secret he uncovered?

Most of these “products” didn’t work!

In nearly all cases, they rarely delivered the expected results because they were pitched as “products”— a one size fits all approach to online marketing, that only put money in the seller’s pocket, not yours. Unfortunately, this is the prevailing practice for the vast majority of online marketing vendors.

So, before you buy another website product, shell out money for PPC, or invest in SEO, consider our solutions approach instead, which is based on these core values and beliefs:

  • We believe the vast majority of new (and profitable) business comes from referrals. We have the solution to guarantee that referral finds you.
  • Websites are just one of many tools in your marketing mix. Some websites exist solely for business validation, while others serve as your main referral engine. Regardless of the type of website you have, you must think local and social!
  • Your total Internet presence needs to serve you both visually and textually. It must build trust in you and your brand by being relevant, consistent and findable.

The distinction is clear: spend money on the same old “products”, or invest in a solution, custom-designed around your unique business. Together, we’ll localize, socialize and mobilize your Internet presence; and implement inbound marketing strategies.

The end result? Your business gets in front of prospects who are already looking for you or for a solution to their pressing problems.

Call 732-735-9104 or complete the inquiry below for more information. We promise the time will be well spent, and won’t push.

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