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SEO Advice from Questionable Blog Comments

Is it possible to get good SEO advice from spammy comments on your blog? Brian thinks so – read on to find out.

How do you optimize a YouTube video?

Online video is today’s fastest growing media, and from what I’ve read, we spend more time watching video clips online than we do checking email. Below are tips and ideas I’ve gathered from articles, websites and my LinkedIn network on

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How to write a good meta description tag

The meta description is a special tag placed within the source code of your webpages. It’s used by search engines and directories to help understand what your page is about. Sometimes, they’re also used as your “snippet” on the search

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Pay-Per-Click vs. Search Engine Optimization

There are few websites online today that don’t crave more attention from search engines, more views and purchases from customers, and more inbound links from other sites. However, getting to the point of online rock stardom takes more than simply

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Questions to Ask Before Buying SEO Services

Securing the right search marketing agency for your law firm or other professional practice is challenging. Here are questions you should ask not only of yourself, but to potential search engine optimization (“seo”) consultants, before you sign on the dotted

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