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eCommerce Giants And Their Social Media Partners

This article below was written by our friends at With the rise of social media, all consumers have been adapting to the social networking platforms. They have engaged in micro-blogging, promoting content, downloading applications for their electronic devices and,

What You Need To Accept Credit Cards Checklist

Retailers and other merchants need to know how to navigate the often-confusing ecosystem of accepting credit and debit cards. View this handy checklist.

Stupid sales gimmicks

Why is it that when small business owners see a dip in sales, they reach for a gimmick? I’m talking about weather balloons flying 200 feet above car dealerships, people holding up signs on street corners, or the worst, and

Where New Business Really Comes From – Whitepaper

What should you do when it comes to marketing? Read this whitepaper by my friend and associate John Lewis of Advantage Business Solutions and Bandwagon Marketing Group. If the presentation doesn’t load, you can grab it here.

But wait! There’s more!

As a business, the obvious overall goal is to make a sale.  We provide mouth watering deals and free services to draw our customers into our business.  We spend countless hours and money on developing an ecommerce website that makes