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But wait! There's more!
As a business, the obvious overall goal is to make a sale.  We provide mouth watering deals and free services to draw our customers into our business.  We spend countless hours and money on developing an ecommerce website that makes purchasing an item as easy as 1-2-3.

Most companies (on and offline), after the effort to entice a sale, conclude with a “thank you” and escort them out of the store or website sometimes never to make a sale again.  Giving ourselves a pat on the back and a job well done head nod to our co-workers.

The reality is this is the perfect time to ask for follow up sale. Your customer is where you want them and in the “buying mode.”  Your customer is satisfied enough with your product selection to make a purchase.  They are accepting your business as worthy enough for their attention.  Once that customer walks out the door, they are now subject to be victim to other advertisements or enticing deals.

The job is not done at the conclusion of a sale, rather just beginning.  When a customer makes a purchase, they are saying to the business “your products or services are worthy of my time and money.”  This should be seen as more of an agreed upon business contract.

Let’s take a look at some enticing ideas to draw further sales from your present transaction.

Limited time coupon:  Instead of a coupon being valid for a month, make the time period much shorter.  Creating a limited time offer only a couple days will give the customer a large sense of urgency.  The customer begins to realize that in order to use this coupon, it would make most sense to use it immediately.

A list of related or complimentary items:  Obviously this customer is in the mood to purchase certain items, so why not showcase more items just like it? Or, give them items that can be accessorized along with their purchase that most customers enjoy purchasing together.

Surprise bonus: Daniel Pink states in his book “Drive” that people obtain more pleasure when they receive an unexpected reward rather than an expected one.  When you reward your customer for making a purchase with small but generous surprise gesture after the sale, you create motivation for that customer to make immediate repeat purchases.

Of course, what strategy you choose will depend on the type of business you’re in.  But there is always a chance to create an up sell.


A Junior at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, David is studying Marketing and Advertising. He is the incoming president of the American Advertising Federation and a VP of Fundraising for the American Marketing Association. His passion for marketing is fueled from his ingenuity and his success is driven from his audaciousness. Though young in the corporate world, David's desire for new experiences and enthusiasm is viewed as a unique asset, and has given him an edge.