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As important as marketing reach is, even the biggest companies struggle with it. When they find a solution though, it’s usually through an unexpected approach. Only recently, for example, Facebook managed to reinvigorate the market reach of VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, through their push for a Metaverse.

Like this, there are multiple examples of struggling brands finding a way to improve their market reach. However, there’s no magic solution or rule that can be applied to any brand or industry. Instead, the best thing marketers can do is to learn lessons from a variety of sources and use them to come up with their own innovative solutions. Here are what we think are some of the best books to help you improve your market reach.

First-Class Leadership by Hamid Safei

In First-Class Leadership, Safei explains that in order to become a leader, people have to discover their true passion and develop a strategy to achieve their goals. Only then will they be able to attract and motivate talent and transform them into highly effective teams, capable of getting on the same page regarding ways to expand their market reach.

Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss

Some of the best marketing advice sometimes lies hidden within the pages of an unexpected read. Ferriss describes his book as his “ultimate notebook for high-leverage tools”, offering a collection of guides to success he has gathered from interviewing 200 of the most prosperous singers, actors, and athletes. Ferris takes life lessons learned by the guests of their podcasts and transforms them into actionable insights on everything: from how to improve your workout routine, to making large business deals.

The Naming Book by Brad Flowers

Many marketers have found themselves trying multiple campaigns, only to discover that their brand has already reached its ceiling. This is a problem that can’t be solved, but could definitely be prevented. In The Naming Book, Flowers provides a method to choose a name for a brand, ensuring that you create something unique that’s strongly linked to your business mission.

The Content Marketing Handbook by Robert W. Bly

In recent years, content marketing has proven to be an effective way to market a brand and obtain excellent long-term results. Through Bly’s book, you will understand the importance of creating content that makes people trust your brand, instead of simply paying to gain their attention. He also gives tips on how to create content that gets read, as well as techniques on how to double marketing response rates.

Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet by Jay Levinson

Guerilla Marketing is a strategy in which companies use unconventional approaches to interact with audiences and change how a brand is seen. In his latest book, Jay Levinson explains how to maximize traffic by using low-cost methods, and what are the most common mistakes people make in online marketing. But probably the most interesting aspect of the book is Levison’s analysis of some of the most successful online Guerrilla Marketing campaigns.

Improving your market reach is not easy. Sometimes you might realize that the necessary leadership is not present, or that a particular name brand has already reached its ceiling. Having said that, marketing is a creative-based activity, and the more we read, the more varied and effective ideas we will come up with. And there are fewer examples of books that will provide you with the lessons you need to find successful ways to improve your market reach than the ones on this list.

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