5 Simple Marketing Tips for Any Small Business

top 5 list on blackboardFIND the CLIENT is all about finding more clients so that you can get back to doing what you do best — sharing your skills. If you’re spending hours upon hours marketing your small business and you’re not seeing results, consider the following five small business marketing tips:

  1. Focus on search engine optimization. Choosing to invest in search engine optimization, or tweaking your website so it ranks higher in search engines, is one of the smartest decisions any small business owner can make because it can result in passive sales/lead generation. While you can only work a set amount of hours per day, your website can work 24 hours a day.
  2. Invest in social media. Similar to investing in search engine optimization, investing in social media is an effective marketing strategy. With a strong social media presence, you’ll be able to encourage your satisfied customers to speak on your behalf via their social networking accounts, which is far better for your bottom line than most other marketing strategies.
  3. Send free products to influential bloggers (including interesting eBooks you’ve written). Encouraging influential bloggers to review your product(s) is one of the most cost effective marketing techniques available. All you have to do is ship free versions of your product to a handful of people accompanied by a well-written letter. Even better, send an email first to gauge interest in your product. That way, you won’t end up sending something that is just going to be thrown out.
  4. Create frequent customer punch loyalty cards (or create an equivalent reward system to encourage loyalty among your customers). Perhaps the easiest way to drum up additional business is to tap into your existing customer base. If you’re marketing a restaurant, create a loyalty card that your staff punches every time someone orders a meal with the idea that every ninth meal is free, for example. This will allow you to convert infrequent customers into frequent customers with minimal effort. Though I provided a restaurant example, this idea of offering loyal customers a price break can apply to nearly any industry.
  5. If you’re going to distribute tangible marketing materials, opt for durable items. For example, instead of providing people with fliers, try experimenting with refrigerator magnets that people tend not to throw out. Though they’ll be a bit more expensive per item, from a business perspective, what you should really think about is how many times someone’s eyes will come into contact with the marketing message on the promotional item over its lifespan relative to its price.

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Randall Davidson is the lead project manager at AudioTranscription.Org, a transcription company that offers digital transcription services. AudioTranscription.Org secures its transcription clients by using a variety of marketing techniques, some of which are described above. Of particular note are AudioTranscription.Org's video transcription services, as many small businesses order video transcripts so that the content of their videos can be indexed by search engines and thus help pull in additional customers.

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  1. Excellent tips and I’ve already gotten an idea from you — to send ebooks and products to influential bloggers. I have a new give-away on repairing the elevator speech that I’m going to pitch, based on your advice. I’ll send it to you in a separate email.